Thursday, February 5, 2009

My promise

I admit it — I’m a total Cesar Millan junkie.
I wore my husband out on watching “The Dog Whisperer” years ago. He makes a valiant effort to tolerate watching it, though the marathons are understandably tough for him.
I am only afforded this tolerance, I believe, because I make an effort to tolerate video games, Sportscenter and sports.
A few years ago, Cesar and the Halti (I’ll write about the Halti in the next blog) really got me motivated to walk Sensi.
It was about this time of the year when I made a promise that I would walk Sensi every day so long as the temperature was above 40 degrees and it wasn’t raining.
I stuck to that promise, starting the year in a winter coat and gloves. We walked every day right after I got home from work. It was a good thing, and not just for the dog.
By the time fall came, another college semester had started. It was harder and busier than the one before. Then snow came. Then zero degree temperatures. Before I knew it, months had flown by without a single walk.
Sensi and I now walk periodically. By periodically, I mean almost never.
I have doubted Cesar’s advice at times. Sensi, after all, is more concerned with blankets and the couch than anyone else in our house.
Nowadays, that couch is reflecting worse on my body than on Sensi’s. So I made another promise for another year of walking — same rules as last time.
We’re going to break 40 degrees this weekend, so we’ll see if I hold up to my promise.
Of course, I should be able to skip Saturday. I do have that not-if-it’s-raining clause.

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