Monday, March 28, 2011

Jolly Pet's Teaser ball in action

The Teaser Ball by Jolly Pets continues to tantalize my dog.
He's still trying to figure out whether he can push the inner ball out by sticking a paw in one of the holes. We're still wondering if he'll succeed with that effort.
Sometimes, he manages to pin the inner ball against the outer one and grab both with his teeth. Those are proud moments for him and he'll avoid sitting or laying down for about 15 minutes because he doesn't want to lose his grip on the inner ball.
At times, he chews it, at other times, he bats it around. Every once in a while he'll climb up on a bed or couch just to drop the ball off the side and chase after it.
Perhaps most interesting is this new thing he does with the dog bed in the living room. He paws and punches at the dog bed until it's all bunched up around the ball. Then, he gives the bed a good tug in the right spot and it sends the Teaser Ball flying. Kind-of a trampoline effect, I think.
He has not yet stopped cuddling with the ball either. In the video, you can see him resting in a sunspot on the ottoman with the ball at his belly.

Having this new ball in the house has Brent and often saying things like, "What have you got? Have you got yourself a good ball?" and "That's a good ball, Sensi."
I caught myself saying the word "ball" way too much and it reminded me of Christmas, when we gave Sensi an antler as a gift. We referred to the antler as a "bone" since it kind-of falls into that category.
On the Christmas video, you can hear me saying things like, "Good boy Sensi, you like that bone? Yeah, it's a good bone."
After a while, you start realizing that if someone didn't know you were talking to a dog, it might sound awfully perverted.
Just one more reason dogs are referred to "man's best friend" rather than "woman's best friend" huh?
Darn dogs and their perverted toy names ...

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Sensi playing & napping with his prized Teaser Ball

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