Monday, March 7, 2011

What a week: Disturbing dog news abounds

Let’s hope we don’t get another stretch of stories like this one.

Michigan dog fighting ring busted
A dog fighting operation that’s being called “high dollar” was busted on Saturday in Monroe County’s Raisinville Township.
Members of the police team arrived just after a dog fight ended. The scene was called “brutal” and that “there was blood everywhere.”
This story demonstrates that dog fighting can be everywhere; even in neighborhoods and nice houses that appear unsuspecting. With so many foreclosures driving down housing prices, there are new opportunities for those seeking to do bad and keep it hidden.
Be vigilant, folks. If a neighbor raises your suspicions, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities.
Read the full story, Monroe County police bust up dog fighting ring: ‘There was blood everywhere’

My dog ate my ... toes?
Once again, a case of a dog eating its owner’s infected toes has made the headlines.
Remember back in August when there was much hub-bub about the Rockford, Mich. man who said he was grateful his dog Kiko chewed off his toe? In that case, the man didn’t know he had diabetes. He did know there was a problem with the toe, put off dealing with it, then finally his wife — a nurse — convinced him to make an appointment.
Before going in, he got drunk and passed out and that’s when little Kiko nibbled off the infected toe. Yuck.
Read the full story, Michigan man says he’s grateful dog chewed off toe
This time around, it was an Oregon man who had three of his toes chewed off by his dog, a Shiba Inu. Like the Michigan man, this guy had diabetes too.
Read the full story, Dog ate 3 of his owners toes as he slept
The story points out that this habit of eating diseased flesh is nothing new, and that it may even be instinct driving dogs to remove the infected tissue.
In that case, it’s kind of a loving, save-your-life type of thing the dog is going for, right?
And if that’s true, why do all these people get rid of their dogs? If my dog politely nibbled off some rotting flesh with the intent of keeping me healthy, I wouldn’t be taking it to the pound. I understand it’s gross, but it’s also gross to have rotting flesh not properly taken care of.
This brings me to my question of the week: What would you do if your dog chewed off a rotting toe while you slept? Keep the dog, reward the dog, find dog new home or put the dog down?

Back from the dead
This puppy survived euthanasia
If you’re a dog wanting to have the ‘pick of the litter’ in terms of a forever home, you might try getting yourself killed and miraculously coming back to life.
A stray puppy survived two injections of euthanasia a couple weeks ago, popping up out of a trash bin set aside for dead animals and surprising the Oklahoma City animal control officer who made the discovery.
Incredibly, this puppy was given a lethal injection of a sedative in both its heart and foreleg. It was then placed in the trash bin with other dead animals and discovered alive a day later.
“He was prancing around. He heard me drive up, and he looked up and saw me,” said the animal control officer who found him.
The puppy is now in a foster home while caregivers are sorting through hundreds of emails and phone calls from people wanting to adopt the little miracle puppy. Good for him.
Read the full story, Underdog: Hundreds seek Oklahoma pup back from ‘dead’
Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of stories like this either. In October, a Redford Township man euthanized his suffering Rottweiler at a veterinary clinic. He placed her lifeless body in his garage, I assume storing it until he had a grave dug for her, but when he opened the garage door the next day she was on her feet looking at him.
Read the full story, Dog survives botched euthanasia attempt
These types of stories go way back. In 2007, an Indiana animal shelter was investigated after three animals survived euthanasia and subsequently being placed in a freezer.
It appears that watered down dosages or administering the improper dosage for a dog’s body weight can deliver this type of “miracle.” Whether that was the situation in all these cases I just don’t know.
Either way, it’s definitely a sad miracle. It makes me sad as hell to hear about puppies being euthanized. I like to pretend that euthanasia is the end of the road only for grumpy, old dogs that just can’t find a forever home. But puppies? I thought puppies got adopted lickety-split from every agency. It really stinks to realize that’s not the case.

Take the puppy and run!
In Florida, a man has been arrested for punching his puppy and then strangling his girlfriend as she tried to stop him.
Apparently, the puppy was trying to eat the man’s ravioli. I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t fancy ravioli either, but probably the Chef Boyardee ravioli-in-a-can stuff. I’m not saying it’s bad ravioli, I’m just sayin’ — a can doesn’t cost a whole lot, pal, so what are you so mad about in the first place anyhow?
Either way, I hope that girl takes the puppy and runs. What a you-know-what of a man.
See the full story, Man punches puppy for eating his ravioli, strangles girlfriend for trying to stop him

Charges filed against groomer who allegedly crushed, killed pit bull
We first brought you this story in October, when a disabled woman reached out to Oakland Press disabilities writer Jerry Wolffe about her dog dying after a nail trim.
The Waterford woman, Laurie Crouch, alleges that the groomer — who was hired to trim her dog’s nails — put a prong collar around the dog, then a second leash around its neck, then tied another leash around his mouth to close it entirely, then she and a male friend sat on the dog.
The pit bull had died by the time its first nail was trimmed.
It appeared at first as though the groomer wasn’t going to face charges, but that news changed last week. The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office announced it would seek a charge of animal cruelty against the groomer, who is named as Kathryn E. Tucker of Washington Township.
Read the full story, Woman charged with animal cruelty in death of dog

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