Friday, January 30, 2009

Some like it hot: part 2

Sensibull is a clever four-legged guy, and his antics can be both astounding and hilarious.
I’ll never forget his solution to his wintertime potty problem. The problem, of course, is that he hates the snow touching his furless undercarriage.
Before my husband and I bought our house, we were renting a lower level apartment.
Outside the sliding glass door where we let the dog out there was a cement patio and overhead, a deck provided us some cover from the elements.
The dog loved this cover.
To him, it meant that even when it snowed heavily, he didn’t have to take his private parts wading through the deep snow, unprotected.
The snow would build up around the patio, sometimes to heights taller than my dog.
My dog would eagerly trot out the door to go potty, stopping at the wall of snow and turning sideways.
As if he were peeing on a bush, he’d lift his leg to the snow bank and pee right into it. Before long, the snow bank would be streaked with holes of yellow-tinted snow all over its side.
And when it came time for number two, Sensi (short for Sensibull) still didn’t dare walking in the snow. He’d just turn his behind to the snow bank, put it in reverse and back-up until he was comfortable.
He doesn’t have this type of cover at the new place, so he hops around in an effort to keep his parts away from the snow. We’ve shoveled him a potty area during some of the heavier snowfalls too.
He makes quick business of the outdoors and runs back to the door.
“Woof!” sounds a single bark, letting us know he wants back in and it’s urgent.
He never barks to come in during the summer.

My sister shared a particularly funny cold-weather story about her dog, a boxer, with me recently. I’ll pass the humor on to you in the next blog.

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