Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuna breath and still starving

That’s it. I’ve reached my breaking point. I’m at my wit’s end. Any suggestions, send ‘em my way.
My dog is starving himself.
Last week, I wrote that I was pretty darn sure my dog was manipulating me — starving himself with the ultimate goal of having something new added to his daily food dish.
This week, I am less sure of what is going on.
He’s eaten about a quarter cup of food a day now. That’s like two and half cups less than his 85-pound physique needs.
He loved oatmeal, then hated it. Loved pinto beans, then hated it. Loved tuna and now — as of this morning — hates that too.
Without a doubt, the tough love path is in use. If he refuses what’s in his food bowl, he gets no food.
And day after day after day now, he’s refused his food bowl and skipped on one meal after another.
He’ll refuse a fresh dish of tuna and oatmeal, but yet he tries to eat dirt outside.
On Saturday night, he ate a bunch of wood that was stacked indoors for our wood stove. How do I know this? It was regurgitated on the floor by the time we awoke on Sunday.
What really stinks about all of this is his breath.
He’s been predominately eating tuna for the past week or so. His breath smells about as strong as a freshly opened can of tuna does — it really adds an element of disgusting to those dog kisses.
By the way, if anyone’s looking for a good deal on tuna, try Kroger. I bought 5-ounce cans of tuna for 65 cents on Friday.
I bought 20 cans of the stuff — 20 cans of tuna which I now have no use for, like the 4 pound bag of pinto beans I also have no use for and 5 pounds of cooked pinto beans taking up valuable real estate in my fridge.
I have a feeling the local food pantry will benefit the most from this whole allergy ordeal.

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