Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet the dog of the blog (on video)

Watch the video. Laugh. Read my apology.
Just kidding — I suppose the video isn’t all that bad. But it was taken with one purpose: letting me have some video clips to work with so I could figure out some new video editing software.
No one was around to do the filming part of the deal for me, so I set up my camera on a tripod and hoped I’d do a good job of guessing where I should be in front of it.
That didn’t work out very well. What you see, then, are those few seconds where I actually did make it in front of the video. The rest of the video, featuring Sensi’s rollover stunt, his pretty sits and impressive head-downs, it’s all off the camera. I’ve got the audio, but that doesn’t do much ...
The important thing, though, is that I really did learn a lot about the new video editing software.
So, my apologies for a less than dynamic video and here’s to hoping that future Dog Blog clips are much better!

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