Thursday, May 20, 2010

The dog that dries himself

I wrote recently about leveraging the oft-dreaded dog roll for something positive — read the full blog here.
Basically, Sensi has learned that when wet, it’s perfectly fine and even praise-worthy to roll around in a bunch of towels to dry himself off.
It started simply enough — a towel left on the floor after his bath time was over and Sensi spotted it as he tried to rub himself dry on other things, like the sides of the couch and his dog bed. He threw himself onto the towel and we watched, amused and pleased and encouraging him to continue.
Nowadays, the after-bath dog roll is part of the whole bath routine. If I didn’t have three towels ready for him to roll on, he’d be lost.
It’s a natural behavior for him — think rolling in yucky stuff or squirming around on the grass — and it has the added benefit to both him and me that when applied after the bath, he’s actually drying himself off.
One of the cute things I’ve done is to wave the towels around like a bull fighter. Sensi charges into them and I’ll let the towel go when he does. He then dives into the floor with the towel all around him and starts squirming around.
It’s adorable.
And since it was time for a bath last Saturday, I thought I’d take a little video to share with all of you. Our friends are always amused with his after-bath antics and I hope you share the sentiment!

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