Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make a shelter dog more comfortable

At least 100 shelter dogs will get an immediate upgrade in their living conditions thanks to two local businesses.
Trainers Academy, LLC and Retro Doggy Rescue will team up on June 26 to make a minimum of 100 dog beds to be donated to shelters.
“Dogs in a number of shelters have to sleep on cement floors,” read a press release from the academy.
A cement floor in a shelter is certainly better than being dead or on the street, but it’s not the best thing for dogs. Cement floors are as bad for dogs’ joints as they are for humans’.
Unfortunately, many people relegate their dogs to living in the garage or basement on a cement floor. In time, the health effects of doing so will show. Callouses and sores often form on the pressure points of the dog’s body where it rests on the floor. Above and beyond that, poor joint health can lead to arthritis.
If my dog is any indicator, comfort does matter to dogs. A dog realizes his human’s bed is better than his, that the couch is more comfortable than the floor, that pillows are good places to rest your head and blankets can keep you warm and snuggly. They are dogs, after all, not idiots.
It has long been acknowledged that the best type of bed for a dog who spends his days on cement is a bed that is raised up off the ground. Pillow type beds just mask the effects of the concrete and don’t eliminate the problems it can cause, and they conduct the coldness. Raised beds are preferred for concrete and outdoor spaces.
The Columbus Dog Connection in Ohio first figured out how to manufacture a raised bed on the cheap and shared its plan with the Michigan groups. Now, more of these beds will be made right here in Oakland County — Troy, to be exact.
People and businesses can sponsor a bed for $20. Checks should be made payable to Retro Doggy Rescue and mailed to the Trainers Academy, LLC, 1016 Troy Court in Troy, MI 48083.
The academy will also accepted drop-off donations of new or gently used pet supplies and office supplies on the day of the event. Blankets, towels, collars, food, toys and more will be accepted.
The new beds will be distributed to shelters in Roscommon, Arenac, Tuscola, Ogemaw and more. Before the beds reach the end of their usefulness, they’ll probably make hundreds upon hundreds of shelter dogs a little more comfortable and warm on their journey to find a forever home.
Photos are from the Ohio group’s website. See more photos by clicking here.

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