Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nanny cam for dogs?

I've often joked with my husband that if we were to win the lottery or something, I'd outfit every room in the house with nanny cams.
Why? Isn't it obvious? I'm curious to see what my dog does during the day.
We've always assumed he just lays around and sleeps. For a long time, we knew he wouldn't eat or drink while we were away.
We've been together in our new house for almost two years now, though, and I think his behaviors are changing.
For one, I know he drinks water during the day now — I'll come home and find the water bowl less full than when I left.
For two, I sometimes find things moved around when I come home. Since earlier this summer, the comforter on the twin bed in our extra bedroom has been all twisted up. This is clear evidence that Sensi's been in there. Sensi loves blankets and is quite adept at moving them around to create a nice little pillow and bolster for him to lay against.
I'm off work this week and being at home during the day has given me some insight into my dog's daily behaviors. And sure enough, he's claimed that twin bed as his daytime dozing spot.
I'm not entirely surprised given that the bed sits in front of a large bay window. It not only allows him the best view of our front yard, but also means the room fills up with sunshine starting at about 1 p.m.
I don't know what it is about black, shorthaired dogs, but they seem to love to sunbathe.
I've figured out that Sensi's routine is to lay in the sunspots at the back of the house until the sun moves to the front of the house. Then, he perches himself on that bed for a good nap.
Perhaps all this sunshine is also why he's drinking water during the day now.
Either way, I suppose the nanny cams would be a waste. I'd be watching ten hours of my dog napping in sunshine.
Oh, to have the life of a dog.
What do you think your dog does during the day? Would you use a nanny cam to find out?

Here's some snapshots I got of him, all cozy and comfortable in his daytime dozing spot.


  1. Caren's Cat Chat is way better than this "dog blog"...

    your blog is killing the internet.

    double dribble.

  2. I prefer dogs over cats, but cat chat is way better than this blog. You need to step your game up.

  3. Criticism is great, though I prefer the constructive kind to the mean kind. Thanks anyways, though.

  4. To the person who left the first two posts: If you don't like the blog, don't read it. Plain and simple. No one cares whose blog you prefer. There's plenty of room on the Internet for everyone. If you think you can do better, start your own blog.

    Karen: Those of us who read this blog regularly find it very informative and useful. Thank you for sharing your research, insight and anecdotes with us. Please keep it coming because we love it!

  5. I'm good friends with Mike Vick. I just went on vacation and left my two pitbulls under his watch. When I got back from vacation they were a lot more aggressive and hungry for "dog meat." I have no idea how to calm them down, I'm posting this from my smart phone locked up in my bathroom.

  6. Thank you Gizmo!

    Mr. Stafford; I imagine you have the funds to call a professional to help you with your situation.

  7. LOVE this blog :) I've also considered the nanny cam to see what my chocolate lab does all day long!

  8. Thank you Chocolate Dog Mom! If you do get a nanny cam, fill me in on what your dog does during the day!

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  10. Was just introduced to your column today by my daughter (also an OU journalism grad!). Since I have two doxies and she has her mixed lab, we often wonder what they do all day besides sleep and bark! Keep up the good work, I've been browsing your other articles and will keep watching for more. I applaud someone that can actually write about everyday things that are useful and upbeat. I get so tired of all the negative news out there. We all need that balance!

  11. Thank you so much! I really enjoy writing The Dog Blog and am so glad others find enjoyment in reading it!

    Kudos to your daughter — OU has a fantastic journalism program with great teachers!