Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to trim a dog's nails with manual clippers WITH VIDEO

Sensi getting his nails trimmed
All right folks, I've been promising this post for a long time and I'm finally delivering.
As for the delay, I'll ask you this: How often do you feel like getting in front of a camera on a weekend? Most of my weekends are spent cleaning or running errands, and I usually don't do any of those things in camera-worthy dress.
But alas, here's video of me trimming Sensi's nails.

Remember the story from a while back about a pit bull killed during a nail trim — suffocated and crushed by the groomer? (Outpouring of love for disabled girl whose service dog was killed) I remember a person's comment underneath one of those stories, basically saying that pit bulls are awful beasts and the groomer was probably doing everything in her power to get those nails trimmed — like it was necessary to choke the dog. And I believe the comment warned others about trying to trim a pit bull's nails.

Well, here's my pit bull getting his nails trimmed. As you can see, I hardly even have to give him a command. I show him the nail trimmers and the treats, he lays down and gets in position. He stays still while I do the work, waiting patiently for a treat. So, all you pit bull haters, watch and weep because I know you'll be wishing your dog was so well-behaved ...

Before you watch, here's a couple things to keep in mind:
1) Yes, Sensi's nails are waaaaay too long. It's been a lifelong battle. Now that I've shot this video, though, I've used the manual clippers for the last time. I'm going to start working back those nails daily with a Dremel (sanding tool). Wish me luck!
2) Want your dog to behave like this? Start with a down-stay. The down-stay is critical.

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And, there's more on the way!

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  1. So true Karen. Start with a down stay. We give our dogs basic training. Use it!

    Regardless of the breed or size of the dog, a pedicure need not include roughing up anybody.