Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looking for a Great Dane? Think adoption

The Ohio Great Dane Rescue group made an appearance at Saturday's fund-raiser at Orion Healthy Pet.
Great Danes are one of those breeds that always stop you in your tracks when you see them.
I remember driving down a neighborhood street once when I saw what I thought was a cow in someone's front yard headed toward me. I slowed down and the behemoth animal approached my car.
Shirley, 1-year-old deaf female, is available for adoption
I realized it was a Dane as it got closer, but sat in awe as the dog stretched it's head up and sniffed the roof of my car. How many dogs can do that?
A lover of big dogs, a Great Dane has always been on my wish-list. When the day finally arrives, I think I'll hook up with rescue group I met Saturday.
The group does service Michigan — Great Dane rescues are apparently few and far in between — as well as other nearby states. One of their Danes was recently adopted to a woman from Troy, and one of their foster dogs available for adoption is also here in Michigan, fostered by a local man.
In talking with a member of the group, I came to realize something — Great Danes rescues have a tough time finding foster homes and adopting out their dogs.
It's common knowledge that small dogs have an easier time getting adopted, so think about the obstacles facing one of the largest breeds out there.
People just don't think they have what it takes to care for such a large animal. That means Danes don't just face obstacles getting adopted, but rescue groups face obstacles finding folks willing to foster and help out.
So, if you're like me and you love big dogs, perhaps do a Dane a favor and become a foster. Better yet, adopt one!

Ohio Great Dane Rescue visits Orion Healthy Pet

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