Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Royal Oak Doberman will be muzzled, not euthanized

Heidi, the dog at issue
Last week, I blogged about a dog owner in Royal Oak who started an online petition to "save" her Doberman after it allegedly bit a man.
The dog owner was saying the city was forcing her to choose between euthanizing her dog or relocating it outside of the city, according to earlier reports.
The city contested that, and it appears the city was right — on Monday, the dog owner agreed to muzzling the dog at issue and in exchange, the dog is allowed to stay with its family.
Happy ending.
If I were the judge, I wouldn't have been so kind to toss out the fines related to her dog not being licensed, though.

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  1. Let's just hope the owner learns from this. License your dog. And for heaven sake, keep close by when someone is visiting with your dog. (I'd sure like more details on the physical arrangement of "victim" bending over a large dog and somehow getting bonked/bit).

    Bottom line of course, is as Karen says, take responsibity for your dog, protect him and in doing so protect others.