Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New dog behavior question for read and win contest!

The first person to email me (karen@oakpress) a correct response to the below question can select a prize of his/her choosing from this list of available prizes.

UPDATED: We have a winner — Deb Runyan (three time winner now!) of Commerce Township, who emailed that number 4 is the correct response! Deb also said: "Wish people would give me some competition here!  I love doing stuff like this, but it's more fun if other's are making it hard." I agree. Where are all my readers?   

My post Even friendly dogs should be kept on-leash should help you answer it.

Today's question is multiple choice, and it is:

When a dog becomes extremely/overly-excited, it means ...
1) The dog is in a very happy and friendly mood.
2) The dog wants to play.
3) The dog is displaying obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
4) The dog is in an unstable mood that can quickly change.

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