Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doggie dental and ear surgery: Watch how it's done

Sensi just after receiving anesthesia
Today's post is more or less a video-blog (which I believe is called vlog), but I just wanted to add a bit of information to the video.
I took Sensi to Oxford Veterinary Hospital recently for two procedures — a doggie dental and minor surgery to fix a blood clot in his ear.
My veterinarian, Dr. Stephen Steep, is awesome and allowed me to film the whole thing.
The ear is a procedure we've had done once before — not on the same ear, but the other one. Essentially, Sensi's allergies are driving him to scratch and shake to the point that he's breaking the blood vessels. The blood clots up and if allowed to stay, would eventually wrinkle up his ear like what we call cauliflower ear or wrestler's ear in humans.
Besides being bothersome to Sensi, I just can't handle my good lookin' boy becoming all disfigured when it's something that can be fixed.
There is more than one way to tackle this problem, but considering it worked so well for us on the other ear, it was no brainer to employ the same method once again. Let's hope it's the last time!

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