Monday, May 11, 2009

A clean bed

It’s common knowledge that dogs don’t like the same scents that we do.
Give them the choice of duck poop or a flowery perfume, you can bet they’ll choose the duck poop.
When it comes to laundry, I’ve always wondered if they prefer things worn and with their scent on it rather than with the clean laundry soap smell.
Yesterday, I’m pretty sure I got my answer.
I don’t wash the cover to Sensi’s dog bed all too often, and he’s got two blankets that he sleeps with as well.
While I was cleaning on Sunday, I thought it was just about that time to give his stuff a good wash.
Meanwhile, Sensi was outside practically all day.
It was a perfect day for a black dog. It wasn’t humid or even hot, yet the sun was out in all its glory.
Sensi alternated his time between helping Brent chop wood and sunbathing.
How does a dog help chop wood?
Well, it’s not much of a help. He steals all the logs and creates his own wood pile, chewing each one for awhile before placing it next to “his” other logs.
By the time evening set in, the sun was hidden behind clouds and the temperature was a little chilly for my dog’s old bones.
At the same time, my mom arrived — I cooked her dinner for Mother’s Day — and Sensi gravitated to her. He knows she’s a pushover when it comes to attention, and he can always get her to play with him.
She left a few hours later and, as I brought the rest of my laundry to the bedroom, Sensi followed me.
He sniffed his bed, wagged his tail, then climbed in and laid down. And he didn’t get up for the rest of the evening.
Granted, he was tired from the sun and being outside all day. But still ...
The order of his favorite places to sleep are: 1) our bed, 2) the couch, and 3) his bed.
Had he spent the rest of the night sleeping on our bed, it wouldn’t be strange. But in his bed? That’s strange.
So I think this settles the question for me.
Would a dog rather have a freshly laundered bed or blanket, or something that smells of his own scent?
Freshly laundered, for sure.

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