Friday, May 1, 2009

Pit bulls in the news

Last week, I got on my soapbox to defend pit bulls after the uncle of a boy who was fatally mauled by his parent’s dog said that the breed was “sent by satan.”
Don’t expect me to always be on the pit bull’s side.
I am a reasonable person.
In Waterford Township, where a pit bull ban is in place, a man has been making headlines because he apparently can’t keep his pit bull under control.
First off, I am not in favor of breed bans. But all the same, the law is the law and this man is not following it.
Despite the fact that officials knew he had a pit bull, he was not ordered to get rid of it. That’s kind.
But instead of taking this opportunity to be a breed ambassador, to disprove stereotypes that all pit bulls are bad and all pit bull owners are irresponsible, he chose to reinforce the stereotype.
His pit bull obviously didn’t receive a proper upbringing, as its history of threatening the neighbors shows it has some aggression issues.
And, instead of trying to rehabilitate the aggression issues while keeping the dog safely restrained to its own yard, he let it continue to get loose.
The dog has bitten at least one person and threatened others. Most recently, one neighbor was threatened by the dog twice in one day.
To make a bad situation worse, the man earned himself disorderly conduct charges when he dealt with officers called by the neighbors.
Now it’s a horrible situation, but it gets worse.
This pit bull, who obviously doesn’t have a good temperament, was bred. She has nine puppies.
Why? Why would you breed a dog with a bad temperament?
I am saddened and disappointed by this man’s irresponsible actions.
I can only imagine how his neighbors must view pit bulls and their owners now.

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