Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pit Bull specific rescue & cool Great Dane in need of a home

So I've got a soft spot for big dogs, giant dogs and even pit bulls, which are actually quite small dogs by my standard.
In fact, I was not thrilled about getting a pit bull because I felt the dogs were way too small (some people think I'm a little nuts, others understand. There's just something about walking a 100-plus pound dog that is so awesome). Lucky for Sensi, he's got labrador in him to give him some extra height and weight, he was first born and far larger than the rest of the puppies in his litter, and he was an absolutely adorable puppy in looks and behavior. Had all of those elements not lined up, I probably would've turned my nose up at the idea of bringing home any of the puppies from his litter or any pit bulls period.
But eight years later, he's taught me to appreciate a type of dog I'd have never predicted becoming a champion of — terriers. And of course, pit bulls too.

When my friend and I stopped by Pet-A-Palooza (it was last weekend, June 25-26 at The Palace of Auburn Hills) this weekend, I managed to find a couple things that spoke to my soft spot for giant dogs and pit bulls. Now, I'll share them with you.

Adonis, rescued Great Dane available for adoption
First up is Adonis, who you simply couldn't miss. Adonis is a purebred Great Dane available for adoption through Last Chance Rescue out of the Howell/Brighton area. His foster mom said he was found severely emaciated in the backyard of a Saginaw home when he was rescued by animal control.

My estimation is that he is a bit more special than your run-of-the-mill Great Dane. When I went to a fundraiser earlier this year at Orion Healthy Pet, the Ohio Great Dane Rescue was present — meaning there were a whole lot of purebred Great Danes around. One local man, however, walked into the fundraiser with a Great Dane that towered over all the others. It was an enormous black Dane that was both taller, squarer and larger-headed than the rest of the Danes. I asked him why his dog was so much bigger than the rest.

"We had him imported from Europe," he told me. "The Danes over there are a little different, much larger."

Must've been expensive, I thought to myself. And it probably was. But I swear, Adonis looked like a skinnier replica of this European Dane (he still has some weight to put on before he's back to full health). My gut is telling me that some awful person spent a whole lot of cash to get Adonis, and then for whatever reason, decided he or she didn't like the dog and left the poor thing to starve on a chain in the backyard. Such a shame. But it doesn't have to be — this special dog has been given a second chance. Now is your opportunity to step forward and say yes, I'm ready to own one of the most unique dogs I'll probably ever own ...

OK, check out video of Adonis:

Next up is the pit bull rescue. Founded by Warren resident Jenn Morrison, Misfit Angels Rescue is a
Jenn Morrison with rescued pit puppy
pit-specific group Morrison launched after owning a pit bull of her own.
You have got to give kudos to her for doing this. There's an overwhelming number of pit bulls out there that need help, yet many organizations try to stay clear of the breed and some simply don't accept pits or pit mixes at all.
My friend made an observation that I've made countless times before in all sorts of shelter environments. She said, "These are the calmest dogs here. All day, all the dogs around (Pet-A-Palooza) have been barking and jumping and pawing. Leave it to the pits to present themselves as the well-behaved ones."

Here's video so you can see for yourself: 

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