Friday, March 2, 2012

Read and win — answer questions to get cool dog gear

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I've been a bad blogger.
You see, I've had a lot of cool dog gear sent my way, from funny t-shirts to travel gear and tons of other stuff that has been amassing under my desk since last summer.
This stuff is supposed to be reviewed and written about or given away to readers.
I haven't done that — I was, obviously, on hiatus for several months last year — and there's so much stuff under my desk that I can hardly find space for my feet anymore.
And I must've earned a reputation as a no-good blogger since companies have stopped sending me stuff too.
To my defense, product reviews are not the goal of this blog. Sure, it's fun to get free stuff and even more fun to give it away, but I'm on a crusade here! This blog is supposed to enjoyable, sometimes heart-warming and funny, but always with the goal in mind that I can offer readers something about dog behavior that can improve their life and their dog's life too.
So here's my plan:
Starting in two weeks (the week of Monday, March 12) , I'll begin posting behavior questions and offering a prize to the first reader who responds with a correct or close-enough answer. The prizes will be among those items accumulating under my desk and I'll make clear what each prize is for each question.
Now, you can certainly guess or go off your current dog smarts.
Or, you can start boning up on your behavior knowledge.
In the past couple of weeks, I've reviewed two really awesome books that I encourage all dog lovers to read — Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz and Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson.
For any question I ask, the answers can be found in the pages of these books.
And to be fair, I'll make the questions easy enough to make educated guesses even if you have not or are not reading the books.
But if you really want to prepare yourself, picking up a copy of those books is definitely one way to you an edge on the competition.
Additionally, the all of next week's blog posts will have some bearing on helping you answer the first few questions I ask.
Answers will have to be emailed to me (my email: karen at oakpress dot com); I'd allow comments but in order to send stuff to you, I need your email address and contact information anyhow.
All right, the ball is in your court now. Get ready to show off your behavioral prowess for a chance to win some awesome dog gear.

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