Monday, March 12, 2012

Read and win! First question in contest series

This question is closed — congratulations to winner Deb Runyan of Commerce Township! Check below for the answer to the question. 

You've read last week's posts on behavior, and perhaps even picked up a copy of Culture Clash or Inside of a Dog.
Now, test your knowledge on dog behavior in exchange for winning a cool prize of your picking — check out the entire list of prizes.
The first one to email me ( with the answer to the question below will get to pick a prize from the list.
Don't forget to include your contact information and the prize package you'd like.

Dog Behavior question #1 
What is considered "everything" in dog training? Or, to phrase it differently, what is the single most important thing that will determine your success in shaping any behavior in your dog?

Deb Runyan responded first with the correct answer, which is "Timing."
Timing, folks, is absolutely everything in dog training.
Runyan selected the book "For the Love of Dogs" as her prize.
Check back next week for another chance to win!

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