Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The next training challenge

Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?
I'm banking on being able to teach my old dog a new trick. It might be the hardest challenge I've had yet.
In the past, Sensi's lived with Brent in rentals often shared with other young men who have no interest in maintaining gardens.
The first house had some ugly bushes, the second one had some ugly bushes and neglected perennials that dutifully struggled upward every spring, through unraked leaves and weeds to bloom a few sickly flowers.
The bushes and perennials faced another challenge too — living through a male dog lifting his leg on them.
And then, because Sensi prefers to hide his poop, they had to live through a dog who developed a habit of backing his rear end into the bushes.
Piles of poop could often be found a foot off the ground, suspended in the branches of the bushes. We found it comical at the time.
But now we have our own house, and a long stretch of garden beds in front of it.
When we moved in late last fall, the homeowners had been living out of state for a year. Grass and weeds were growing two feet tall in the neglected gardens.
Between the long grass to lift his leg on and the many bushes to hide his poop, Sensi immediately saw the area as the perfect doggie toilet.
Now I can't keep him out of the gardens. He thinks it's his designated potty spot.
As the first spring at our new house is coming around, Brent and I have plans to take out many of the neglected and overgrown bushes.
I want big flowers, and it'll probably cost a pretty penny to make the gardens look nice again.
And when they do, I won't have Sensi killing my daylilies.
I expect that teaching him to stay out of the gardens is going to be tough, but it must be done.
Wish me luck, and I'll keep posting about our progress — or lack thereof.

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