Monday, April 6, 2009

The bark is back

I watched the news last night, caught the weather report, knew the snow was coming ... though it was still quite a shock to look out the window this morning and see a white yard.
At least I had the benefit of knowing it was coming.
Sure, Sensi was sitting there on the couch with us when the news came on. Not that he understands.
The only time Sensi pays attention to the TV is when it’s making dog sounds.
He had no idea there was snow on the ground until I opened the front door to let him out for his morning potty break.
I clipped the chain to his collar and sent him outside.
As soon as he had all four paws on the porch, a strong wind whipped snow in his face. He immediately recoiled, practically coming back inside.
With the door still cracked, I consoled him, “Sorry bud, but you’ve got to go potty.”
It was a matter of minutes before I heard him bark, wanting back inside.
“Arf!” he let out his one, resounding bark that is his clear sign of distress.
I was putting my lunch together and needed another second to finish up.
“Arf!” he barked again, his voice sounding more desperate.
In an earlier blog, Some like it hot: part two, I describe how Sensi’s single bark is his own little distress call that he uses only in the winter.
On Saturday, I let Sensi out to go the bathroom and he was out for probably a half hour, sniffing around in the afternoon sunshine. I had to call him to get him to come back inside.
But when there’s snow on the ground, he calls us.
“Come and get me!” the single bark conveys. “It’s cold and I need inside NOW!”
For today, at least, the bark is back.
I hope it’s the last time we’ll hear it until next winter!

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