Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fox in a chair

Yes, it’s a fox in a chair.
A wild fox using a piece of human-made furniture.
He looks comfortable, doesn’t he?
This is, by the way, a local shot sent in to us by a man living in Independence Township. (Thank you Sam!)
I think this goes back to my earlier blog, Our three brains (apparently, science has proved that our brain is actually made up of three smaller brains, one referred to as the reptile brain, the other as the animal brain and the last and largest of them, the human brain).
These photos prove, I believe, that the animal brain must be the one that regulates comfort.
Obviously, it’s a trait we share not just with our dogs, but with wild animals too.
Heck, maybe the comfort monitoring is even done by the reptile brain — those lizards always look comfortable when they’re out tanning themselves in the sun.
Revisit that "Our three brains" blog by clicking here.
Or, read about what Sam Antonazzo — the homeowner who snapped this shot — had to say about the day the fox came to sit in his chair. Click here to read the story.


  1. That fox does look very comfortable...and cute.

  2. Very neat situation: wildlife adapting to our ways; yet staying wild enough to leave when approached--as explained in the new story i O.P. The chair makes a great - comfortable - viewing point of his world. We dont give wildlife enough credit for their thought process and pleasures in their lives. Great there is no panic "Dangerous animal on the loose!"

  3. True, that fox does looks cute and comfortable.