Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, our canine wildlife!

I just love to hear about and see photos of the local wildlife — especially those who are the “canine cousins” of our beloved house pets, the dog.
After the story and photo ran last week about the fox who decided to curl up on the comfy chair in the yard of an Independence Township couple, I received another e-mail with more great photos of a fox.
Check out these great shots of a little fox hanging out in Waterford Township. I like that I can include all four of these photos in the space.
The first picture, taken through the window of what looks to be a second floor room, really sets the scene. Can you believe the fox got so close to their deck?
In the other pictures, the relaxed fellow certainly appears to be enjoying some early spring sunshine.
Waterford Township resident Karen Pollack, who said she lives off Clintonville Road near Adams Elementary, captured these photos on March 16.
“He/she was very calm and stayed for about a half hour. A neighborhood cat walked by and the fox never bothered it,” wrote Pollock in an email.

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