Friday, March 12, 2010

One month later

This is part III to my treadmill training story.
To recap from yesterday’s blog, Sensi and I stopped working on the treadmill daily just before February arrived.
Throughout the month of February, I worked on stretching and strengthening my legs and also, I worked on trying to get Sensi back to health. He had surgery and even after he recovered from that, the allergy debacle continued.
Believe it or not, my dog was actually allergic to the first type of prescription allergen-free dog food we got from the veterinarian's office. As the bag got close to being empty, I called my veterinarian and discussed how I thought Sensi was allergic to the food, finally deciding to switch his food yet again and try a different prescription.
We’re were getting quite low on his remaining bag of food. Because of that, I had not done much training — due to his allergies, he can have nothing except his prescription kibble, no treats or tasty morsels from the fridge, absolutely nothing else.
Fortunately, he likes dog food and it’s a good enough reward to do some training with. But as the bag got low, I couldn’t risk wasting the precious kibble on training exercises. It had to be saved for meals.
On Monday, I got home and with the sunshine coming in through the windows, I was feeling quite energetic.
Time to get yourself back on the treadmill, I thought, and so I laced up my new tennis shoes.
This time, I had to start slowly — walking only. Push yourself too hard and you’ll end up with shin splints again, I reminded myself.
Unfortunately, I had walked barely a half mile before my shin started aching.
I reluctantly got off the treadmill, but I wasn’t ready to be done for the day. Maybe I’ll see if I can get Sensi on the treadmill, I thought.
But there was the low food problem. I know, I’ll just use the kibble that I’d normally feed him for dinner, I thought.
I filled his food bowl as I normally would and brought it back to the room with me. I also grabbed his leash, which I figured would be absolutely necessary.
Sensi was excited.
“My food bowl and the leash!” he must’ve thought. “Great things must be about to happen!”

check back next week to find out what happened on the treadmill.

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