Thursday, September 16, 2010

The dog who hates rain

I know I've written about this before: my dog hates the rain.
And snow, but he hates rain more.
Here's some examples of how much he hates and tries to avoid rain:

1) His potty area used to be just off a concrete patio flush with the ground that had a deck overhead, stopping much of the rainfall. Sensi would walk to the edge of the concrete patio, securely under the overhang and point himself toward the grass, lifting a leg to pee off the porch. He would not go past the overhang.

2) Sensi no longer has the above set-up, but it doesn't mean he'll brave the rain. If we force him to go outside, he'll stand on the edge of our front porch looking out, but he won't take a step off it. In fact, we can leave our front doors wide open while it's raining — Sensi won't even go into the foyer.

This morning, Sensi woke up, jumped down from the bed and looked out the window. I swear to you, he had this "Oh crap" look on his face. I know he was thinking about how bad he had to go to the bathroom and the fact that he couldn't go because it was raining.

But he had to go. I know he had can hold it like a pro, but not for eight hours. And with me on my way to work for the day, that's at least how long he'd have to wait.

So I came up with an idea: Use one umbrella for myself and another to hold over the dog. I totally realize how strange that is, so I thought I'd videotape us trying to figure it out for your amusement.



  1. Now that is too funny! Been there, done that! My dogs hates the rain just as much.

  2. +1 that's funny. I'm glad you found a system that works!

  3. What a lovely blog - the umbrella vdo is great
    My Staffie mix NOEL despises rain... we're in the full swing of autumn into winter here in the UK and he knows it well. When he gets up, late, in the morning he goes first to the conservatory - where you can hear it raining. If there's so much as the sound of a spit or a spot he shakes himself dry (he's not wet!) and goes back to his bed. The other dogs look on in utter confusion. It's very amusing...

  4. Teresa, that is so funny! It's like those videos of little dogs that will start moving their legs like they're swimming when they're held over a cup of water!