Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oakland County: Gone to the dogs

Oakland County dog owner Mitchell Brown emailed me this morning to say thanks for the heads-up on the dog swims at county water parks this past weekend.
Mitchell said he took his dog, a yellow lab mix named Mellow, to the Red Oaks waterpark and said "We had a blast."
He added: "How about a shout-out to the event organizers, who did a great job at making it a big success?"
Sure thing, Mitchell.
I have to give kudos to Oakland County Parks and Recreation for all their dog-friendly events. From the most outstanding dog park I've ever been to (Orion Oaks on Joslyn Road in Orion Township) to a seemingly never-ending list of dogcentric events and outings, it really seems like Oakland County has gone to the dogs — in a good way, of course.
Even as fall descends on us, the events are not slowing down.
There's a rattlesnake recognition for dog owners coming up at Lyon Oaks dog park on Oct. 2, an MSU-UM game day tailgating party at all three dog parks on Oct. 9 and of course, a Halloween bash at Lyon Oaks on Oct. 16.
The events are all hosted by Oakland County, which also opened a third dog park at Red Oaks in Madison Heights earlier this year.
The county certainly seems to have caught on that residents love their dogs, love dog parks and love excuses to get out and about with their dogs.
Kudos, kudos, kudos.
Now, enjoy this photo of Mitchell's dog Mellow looking absolutely slap-happy while at the Orion Oaks dog park. (and thank you, Mitchell, for sending along this great photo. It made my morning!)

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