Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wishes for Wishbone: Vote for a local dog to win Purina Pro Plan’s ‘Doing More for Pets’ Rescue Stories Contest

A skinny dog was dragging around a tow chain from his neck, his skin red and hair falling out, and yet he was still walking — dazed and dehydrated, but searching for water.
The sickly dog spotted a water bottle in the hand of a man standing near a truck and cautiously, he approached the man, his eyes fixed on the water bottle.
This is how Wishbone was found.
The man holding the water bottle poured the water into the dog’s mouth. Wishbone was emaciated and covered in blood and scabs. The man couldn’t turn away from the dog and instead, put him in his truck and drove home.
A trip to the veterinarian’s office confirmed that Wishbone had sarcoptic mange, an awful skin condition that is difficult to treat. It causes the dog to scratch profusely, ripping out hair and creating open wounds.
To treat the condition, the dog has to receive “dips” often, sometimes more than once a day depending on the severity. A dip basically means the dog is bathed in a deep bath full of medicine. The treatment is time consuming and expensive.
The man with the water bottle sought help from rescues, making several calls to rescues in the Tennessee area where the dog was found. Nobody could help.
As a last resort, he reached out to a friend in Michigan who runs PupeLuv Rescue, Inc. The man offered to drive the dog to Michigan if the group could take him, and they agreed to do so.
“We were shocked at the condition of the dog that had nothing but love and kisses to give us humans,” wrote the group. “What monster could let this happen to such a beautiful soul?”
They coined the dog Wishbone, got him the veterinary care he needed to make a full recovery and even got him a very special foster home with a woman who was seeking a dog that would give her a purpose; a dog who needed more than just your average rescue.
Wishbone fit in so well at the Oakland County woman’s home that she decided to formally adopt him. Now, he’s healthy, fit and living it up with his new family
He’s even getting a little national attention.
Wishbone’s story was selected as one of ten finalists in the Purina Pro Plan “Doing More for Pets” Rescue Stories Contest. In order to win, though, he needs votes.
His story (plus a video about him) and the stories of nine other rescued pets are posted online at the Rally to Rescue website and clicking on the "Vote for your favorite rescue story!" link along the top. Voting is open through Oct. 1.
Wishbone is currently ranked number 7 out of the 10 rescue stories, so he needs lots of votes to move up to number 1!
A win for Wishbone would be a win not just for him, but for his owner and PupeLuv Rescue, Inc.
If he wins, an ambassador for the rescue group that took him in, Wishbone himself and his new owner will be awarded a trip to the National Dog Show presented by Purina in Philadelphia this November. PupeLuv Rescue, Inc. would also receive $5,000 in Purina Pro Plan brand pet food coupons.
Voting is easy. Just click here to be taken to the webpage, find Wishbone’s entry and check the box next to it.

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