Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comfortable ANYWHERE

Sensi has a particular need for being comfortable.
The available space on the couch has to be large enough before he’ll climb up. Most dogs beg for food; Sensi begs for blankets. He is a master at arranging throw pillows so one is under his chin and the other is at his back.
Lay on the carpet? Only if it’s in front of a warm fire.
Lay on the dog bed? Only if there’s no space on the couch.
Comfort is king to my dog.
If it’s amazing to watch how important being comfortable is to my dog, then it’s even more amazing to watch how unimportant it is to Sensi’s friend, a Britney named Ruger.
This dog is never uncomfortable.
He can lay down on kitchen table chairs, balance precariously on benches, be held like a baby ... the list of odd places this dog has fallen asleep in is never ending.
At about 55 pounds, Ruger is small beans compared to my dog. I haven’t been able to lift my dog since he was six months old, which makes Ruger feel like a lapdog to me. And that's good for Ruger, who thinks he is a lapdog.
When sitting at the kitchen table, chatting with our friends, I’ll invite him into my lap. He jumps up, sits down and then lets himself be manipulated in the world’s most uncomfortable position for dogs.
I lay him with his back on my legs, belly up and neck propped against my shoulder. With his legs sticking awkwardly into the air, Ruger is in heaven. As I rub his belly, he conks out for a good nap.
We’ve caught him falling asleep while falling off things. The look of bewilderment on his face when he hits the floor is unforgettable, and hilarious.
Another favorite position of Rugers can be summed up as “half there, half here.” Ruger loves to sit staircases with his butt and back legs on one step and his front legs on the next one down. My friend reports that he has slept through an entire night like that.
Ruger wants to be next to or in the lap of his people at all times, and at any cost. Around a table that had bench seats, he climbed up to hang out with his family. When he got sick of sitting, he went ahead and laid down. Of course, his legs did not fit on the bench.
This didn’t bother Ruger though. He just let them hang.
As we laughed, I scrambled for my camera. Enjoy the photos!

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