Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Sensibull name

People gave us a hard time about getting a pit bull.
“Did you know that they turn on their owners without warning?” someone asked me.
“I heard they were born bloodthirsty,” another would say. “And did you know their jaws lock? Once they bite something, they can’t stop.”
Everyone seemed to be telling us that we were completely insensible to bring home a pit bull. We were sick of hearing about it. So we named our dog Sensibull.
“In your face!” I felt like saying.
In a way, the joke was on us.
Remember my description of Sensi’s all black mother and all white father? Well, there was something I left out.
Sensi’s mother was unusually tall for a pit bull. After she greeted us, the family pulled her away.
“She can get a little protective around her pups,” they told us.
It seemed strange to me because she had been so friendly with us, even as we sat down with the puppies. But I didn’t question it.
I also remember her fur being kind of long, but she had the folded pit bull ears and square face.
My belief now is that they pulled her away thinking we wouldn’t take a puppy if we got a good look at her. She wasn’t a full pit bull. No, it’s my strong belief that she was half black lab.
That makes Sensi three-quarters pit bull and one-quarter lab. And it’s unmistakable.
He’s got webbed feet, the wide lab tail, the deep lab chest and a crazy affliction for water and games of fetch.
He’s truly a beautiful mix. Sensi is a gorgeous dog and such a good boy.
When it comes right down to it, the breed doesn’t matter. It’s all about the dog.

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