Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jolly Pets dog toys

So aptly named. These toys really do make my dog a jolly guy.
Jolly Pets is a line of pet toys made by Horsemen’s Pride, Inc. The toy that makes my dog the jolliest is called the Teaser Ball.
Most important to owners, this is a durable ball. It’s a very tough, hard plastic.
The Teaser Ball is also aptly named. It has a few circular holes in it large enough for your dog to take notice that there’s another ball inside.
Sensi has a one track mind with these balls: “Gotta get that ball out. I see that ball in there. I hear that ball in there. I gotta get that ball out. I’m gonna get that ball out.”
The first Jolly Ball Sensi ever had was the 8-inch variety (they make four different sizes to satisfy all dogs). It was rare to see Sensi without that ball.
He played with it. He chewed it persistently, even though it got him nowhere fast. He rolled it and tossed it and pawed it. He even slept with it — see the photo.
It took him just about a year before his persistent chewing finally paid off and he was able to pry apart the outer ball.
For all his happy moments, I’ve never seen him so proud as he was in those few minutes he carried around that rubber ball in his mouth.
He pranced through every room, upstairs and downstairs, twice before he ripped the inner ball (it’s soft rubber) to shreds.
We replaced it with the 10-inch Teaser Ball for Christmas that year. Opening that box became his second most prideful moment. He paraded the house showing off that ball day after day after day.
And on the fourth day, he figured out how to get the inner ball out.
The holes are bigger on this ball and he could fit his paw through it. Somehow, he used a combination of his paw and mouth to get that inner ball out.
Still, the Teaser Ball persists. He often picks it up to play with, entice us to play with him, or just go on a parade to show off his extra large toy.
This pet toy company makes a whole line of toys, all of which I’d love to try out.
This company also makes toys for zoo animals like Rhinos and horses too, so if you’re looking for a tough toy, trust me, nobody does it better than this company.

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