Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend walks

I kept my promise this weekend and walked Sensi on both Saturday and Sunday — of course, not without a little drama.
My house is on a corner lot. Our driveway comes out to one road that borders us to the north, and private road runs along the front of our property to the west.
I chose to walk along the private road as the other road is a very narrow, twisting dirt road. In winter conditions, it’s plain ol’ unsafe to be walking down it when vehicles have a tough enough time without dodging walkers.
As soon as the weather breaks and the road improves though, I’ll be ditching my private-drive walks.
First off, the road isn’t long enough. Both Sensi and I were unphased by our walk, and we’re used to feeling a little winded by the time we return home.
Secondly, there’s a dog.
Near the end of the private drive, there’s a home on a hill with a long driveway. It’s on a curve, and after I had rounded the curve and continued on my way, I heard barks behind us. I looked over my shoulder but didn’t see anything. I made mental note to keep a lookout for dogs on my way back.
Sure enough, as Sensi and I were on our way back I spotted a big black lab barreling down the driveway, barking all the way. By the time it reached the end of its driveway, Sensi and I had just made it past. But the dog was still coming.
So I turned around and confronted it, positioning myself in front of Sensi and locking eyes to challenge the dog. The huge lab stopped dead in its tracks and stared back at me.
My heart was thumping as I tried to stay collected, knowing I couldn’t show the dog any fear. After a minute or so, he began looking away but wasn’t budging. I took advantage of his sign of submission to give a command.
“Get!” I growled at the dog, shooing him with my hand.
He turned around and started back up his driveway.
I waited a moment and then turned Sensi and I around too. As I looked over my shoulder though, the dog was coming toward us again.
I turned around again and faced off with the dog for a few more minutes. When he finally turned around again, Sensi and I were able to gain some ground before he started back after us.
He followed us for a while before stopping to pee on a tree and turning around to head home.
My heart pounded the whole way home.
On Sunday, my husband walked with me to help build my confidence.
Of course, we didn’t see the dog or any others.
I wish, oh how I wish, that people would just keep their dogs restrained to their yard.

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