Friday, March 18, 2011

Did those Japanese dogs in the Youtube video really get rescued?

It seems like everyone has heard the story about loyal Japanese dog who refused to leave the side of his pal, who was injured after the earthquake.

If you haven't, here's the video:

Now, what everyone wants to know — and when I say everyone, I mean, this has turned into a global thing — is what happened to those two dogs. Did they get rescued? Are they OK?

According to Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue, the answer is yes, they've been rescued, and yes, they're OK. (See the status update posted to Facebook)

Another organization called Global Animal is saying that's not the case, though. The report on their website states that members of Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue searched for the dogs until dark, but were unable to locate them. Someone from the group told Global Animal that they too have heard rumors the dogs were rescued, but haven't been able to confirm it. (See the article on their website, Update: Loyal Dog & Friend's Safety NOW UNCONFIRMED)

Sadly, I don't know if we can really expect any better information at this point. It seems like the nation is truly in chaos over there and I'd be willing to bet the feet on the ground are focused solely on working, working, working — updating the rest of the world, not so much of a priority.

Either way, I'm holding out hope for a happy ending on this one. Let's cross our fingers for some new photos of those dogs to surface — this time of them being healthy, clean, well-fed and happy.

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  1. Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue is just taking the word of Kenn Sakusai. Sakusai refuses to post pictures of dogs post rescue and is blocking people who ask for proof of rescue. Looks like he's a scammer. There is also some dispute about location. He states a different location than where photographers took video. Looks like Kenn is a liar so everything he's told JEAR may be a lie.

    I'd monitor Global Animal as they're most likely to get accurate updates.

    I would also NOT donate to Kenn Sakusai unless he can prove he had the dogs rescued.