Friday, March 25, 2011

Does your dog have a twin?

Herbie, Sensi's lookalike
I received an email with this photo from Jenny Foss, a reader of this blog.
"I saw a picture of your handsome dog and had to do a double take. He looks a lot like my dog Herbie," she wrote.
I agree! (And thanks for calling Sensi handsome! Same goes for Herbie!)
Herbie, who Jenny says is a pit bull and basset mix, does look so similar to Sensi — right down to his white-tipped paws and the mix of white and black nails. I imagine he's a little smaller than my boy, but every bit as cute.
It's not the first time I've seen a Sensi lookalike.
I remember driving through my Dad's subdivision and coming to a complete halt after seeing an adult black dog that looked identical to Sensi.
"Where did you get him, and how old is he?" I asked the woman walking him. She said he was a rescue and based on the age, it didn't seem like there was any chance he was related to Sensi.
Have you ever seen a dog that looks like your dog's twin?


  1. It is said we all have a doppelganger! I once had a wonderful dog named Carla. What breed mix she was - we'll never know. But I love playing 'guess that mix' and I believe she had some Irish Wolfhound in her.

    Someone in our neighborhood remarked that the love of her life looked just like Carla only smaller. She showed me a picture of her dog and he did indeed, look like a smaller version of Carla.

  2. I'm with you on the 'guess that mix' game. Oh, how I'd love to the be person at the shelter filling out the breed information for each new dog!