Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The teaser ball drama continues

We're now on day four with the Teaser Ball and the novelty has not yet worn off.
I've met many dogs who enjoy carrying around a stuffed animal or favorite toy just to carry it around. Sensi has never really been like that. Toys have always been all about play time for him. When it's not play time, he doesn't pay much attention to toys.
Not with the Teaser Ball, though.
He's carrying that ball around like it's a winning lottery ticket.
I came home yesterday to find him lying on the twin bed in the extra bedroom — his favorite daytime spot to catch some rays from the bay window — and where was the ball? On the bed with him.
Before jumping down to greet me, he made sure to grab the ball.
When we watch TV, he must have the ball on the couch. It's funny because he drops it right in my lap for "safekeeping." He knows if he leaves it by Dad, Dad will throw it for him. At first, Sensi likes this. But then, he gets tired and just wants to cuddle with us like normal, but can't stand the thought of leaving his ball on the carpet. Sensi wants the ball to be safe, steady and touching his body while he sleeps.
It's so funny to see this behavior from him, especially because he's an old man nowadays and it's not that often we see new behaviors crop up. Not to say he can't learn new things — he does that all the time, with help from us — but otherwise, he's pretty much set in his routine and is quite predictable.
I'm happy to see him have something he considers so valuable. The only drawback is that now, we have to make space for both a big dog and his large, hard plastic ball on the couch! It's not exactly the most snuggle-worthy toy, either, but whatever. It makes him happy.


  1. My dog is so similar to yours, I have a King Charles Cavalier and she has this little stuffed toy that she has to take everywhere with her. When I take her for a walk she takes it with her, she sleeps with it and never lets it out of her sight.

  2. As long as the dog doesn't show any guarding behaviors with the toy, I see no problem with it. Luckily, Sensi has never had any issue with food or resource guarding, so it's just cute to see him so in love with a toy!

  3. Thanks so much for your posts about this toy! Finding a good toy that my golden can't destroy in minutes is so hard. Bought one last night and he LOVES it...and I love it as it actually keeps him busy for a little while! Crossing my fingers that it will last. Thanks for sharing this find.

  4. Sarah, I'm so glad your golden loves the teaser ball! It is nice that the toys are practically indestructible and engaging.

    We're on day six now and the novelty still hasn't worn off for Sensi. Last night, I caught him cuddling with the ball on OUR bed!