Friday, March 27, 2009

Caught on camera: funny faces

Another hobby of mine is photography and ever since I got my first digital camera years ago, I’ve been driving people nuts with it.
No one seems to want to have their picture taken as frequently as I want to take pictures.
But the dog can’t say no.
During the past six years, I’ve amassed more pictures of Sensi and his friends than anything else.
By always having my camera on the dogs, I’ve managed to catch the dogs making all sorts of whacky facial expressions.
The two pictures posted here are of Sensi and his favorite little mix, Sammy.
Sammy is the perfect playmate for Sensi. He’s a tiny little guy, but he’s half jack russell and that terrier in him leads him to play with all the same extreme energy that Sensi has.
The photo of Sammy was taken during a photoshoot I did of the dogs decked out in Fourth of July gear. It was for a contest, and much to my dismay, I did not win.
Sammy is my greatest success of training dogs to pose for cameras. I have a technique of training dogs to the sounds the camera makes, and Sammy just loves seeing cameras nowadays.
I’ve heard from his owners that he gets excited every time he sees a camera now, putting himself in front of the lense and waiting patiently to get his photo taken.
I’m not sure what was bugging Sammy in this photo, but the shot sure made me smile.
As far as the one of Sensi, I’m pretty sure he was sneezing as I snapped the picture. It definitely looks more like he’s laughing, though.
Enjoy the photos — I hope they make you smile too!

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