Thursday, March 26, 2009

Those are for my dog?

They look like baby’s clothes, except they’re missing bottoms and hanging in the pet aisle rather than the children’s department ... yes, they’re dog clothes.
Dressing your dog nowadays seems to be all the rage.
Everything from raincoats to hoodies and shirts with silly sayings are being sold for dogs.
Let’s own up. How many of you dress your dog?
To be completely honest, I don’t think I know a dog that hasn’t worn something at some point. Among Sensi’s friends, I’ve seen the Pomeranian in a hoodie, the little terrier mix in a winter coat, even a pit bull in a t-shirt boasting a goofy saying.
Long ago, Brent told me that I would absolutely not be dressing Sensi in anything silly.
“He doesn’t need clothes. He has fur,” Brent would tell me.
Like many pit bulls though, Sensi loves to wear stuff. He has barely any fur on his underside, and he seems to understand that clothes keep him warm and protected.
I’ve yet to purchase any clothes specifically made for dogs. A part of me thinks that even an extra extra-large wouldn’t fit around his giant chest.
I did sew an old zip-up fleece to fit snugly around him. He wears it mostly in the fall when we have bonfires and I know he’ll be laying on the cold ground.
Sensi waits so patiently for me to put each paw through the sleeves and zip-up the jacket. His tail even wags when he sees me bring the fleece out of the closet.
Brent’s not crazy about the baby-blue colored fleece, but he can’t help himself from being amused when he sees Sensi excited to wear it.
One other item of clothing Brent OK’d for Sensi: Brent's work shirt.
I put it on Sensi one day, a long time ago, just for fun. It made for some good photos, and even got Brent laughing.
What has your dog worn lately?

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