Monday, March 16, 2009

The world’s worst smell

I’m always confused when America’s Funniest Home Videos shows a clip of a dog dragging it’s butt on the carpet. The dog’s owners are always laughing hysterically in the background.
“Don’t they know why the dog is doing that?” I ask my husband in disgust.
Dogs usually drag their butts around when their anal glands are too full.
Anal glands are located in the butt and carry the strongest, most horrible smelling liquid to emanate from any living thing other than a skunk.
A minuscule droplet accompanies each pile of poop. In the wild, this is like a scent-booster that helps mark a wolf’s territory.
Dogs can also release some of this scent when extremely stressed or frightened. Sensi tends to do it whenever a vet tech tries to shove a thermometer up his butt (I don’t blame him).
If you’ve never experienced the smell before, be warned. It is not only wretched, but it sticks around. Sensi will smell for hours afterwards. Some very smart veterinarians keep doggie perfume (yes, there is such a thing) on hand to help cover the smell.
When your dog is dragging his butt around on a regular basis, it’s time to “express the anal glands.”
This is so gross.
Before doing it yourself, have your veterinarian show you how it’s done properly.
Basically, you have to pinch your dog’s butt. The explosion of yellowish-colored liquid is downright pukeworthy.
Gloves are necessary, and so is an outdoor setting. I also suggest having a second person around, and a bucket of ice — you’ll need someone to throw the ice on you once you’ve fainted from the grossness and horrid stench.
I bet you won’t be laughing the next time you see a dog dragging his butt around.

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