Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sledding Sensi

In my previous post, I wrote about not finding a butt-surfing dog to be funny (read it if you haven’t).
There was one time, though, that Sensi did a butt-surfing maneuver that sent me into fits of laughter.
It was wintertime and Sensi was at my parent’s house.
On the side of their yard where the sod ends, there’s a steeply sloped drop off into the woods.
Sensi decided that area was his favorite potty place. One day, after he had finished taking care of business, he decided to wipe his butt on the ground.
The only problem was that the ground was covered with snow, and it was the kind of snow that had been sitting on the ground for quite a while.
Cold temperatures had hardened the snow, making it both compact and slippery.
As I watched my dog from the window, I saw him drop his butt down on the top of the hill and start dragging it on the snow.
“Oh great,” I said sarcastically to my mother. “Time to express those glands.”
Before I could complain any further though, Sensi lost his footings.
He started sliding down the hill — his butt still planted on the snow — and quickly picked up speed.
When he finally came to a stop at the bottom of the hill, he jumped to his feet and looked around. I swear, he was checking to see if anyone saw him.
He caught my eye through the window, the expression of bewilderment and embarrassment written all over his face.
Sensi bounded back up the hill, ran up the deck stairs and came to the door.
His rear was covered in snow, which I had to brush off before letting him in — laughing all the while.

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