Friday, March 13, 2009

Don’t forget about us!

The dogs always know when we’re getting ready to go up north.
The duffel bags, flurry of movement pulling out tents and coolers from closets and basements, the packing and loading and running around ... all that commotion doesn’t go unnoticed by our dogs.
Sensi waits, laying down, watching us and panting nervously. He’s waiting to see if his stuff gets packed. As soon as he hears the jingle of chains going in a bag, the doggie fly spray being thrown in a bag and his food being dumped into a travel container, he’s on his feet. For the rest of the time, he plods along faithfully at our feet, smiling from ear to ear.
Where we used to go up north with our friends, the dogs were generally kept off-leash. The property was mostly surrounded by state land and the only neighbors we usually saw were deer.
Just as when we’re getting ready to go up north, the dogs also notice when we’re getting ready to go home.
Going home is even busier. More vehicles, more people, more tents and coolers and cleaning up camp takes place. All around the camp site, truck doors are left open as we re-pack the vehicles to head home.
On one trip, the dogs wanted to be sure that we didn’t forget them.
Ruger, the most worried of two dogs, jumped into one of the trucks first. Sensi sat outside the door for a while, and then decided he’d follow Ruger’s lead and hop in the truck too.
For a long time, we were too busy with cleaning and packing up to notice our dogs had set up camp in one of the trucks, patiently waiting for us.
And they did wait. For hours, the two dogs sat in truck just as the picture shows.
At some point, one of our friends took notice and word spread quickly. We were all laughing as I grabbed my camera to document the worried dogs.
“Don’t forget about us!” they seemed to say, and their message was unmistakable.

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