Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dogs in need of a good home

I’ve blogged before about my role in hosting an animal adoption series here at The Oakland Press.
We had another rescue group come in last week and the videos from that visit have begun appearing on our Petropolis page.
This is the second time we’ve had a group of dogs come in, and once again, it’s the temperament of the powerful breeds that impressed me the most.
People expect the powerful breeds, the big dogs, to be the most unruly — perhaps a little aggressive, excitable, hard to handle.
It’s been the opposite.
From K-9 Stray Rescue, the first group we had in, it was the Akita — Rags — who seemed most at ease. He was calm and relaxed, laying down or sitting nicely and following directions to a T.
Last week, the Paws for Life Rescue group brought in a gorgeous pit bull mix.
He wasn’t vicious. He wasn’t unruly. He wasn’t hard to handle. He didn’t even pull on his leash.
What did he do?
He waltzed in, laid down on the cool floor and stretched his back legs out behind him. He enjoyed a belly rub, licked some hands and did whatever was asked of him by whomever was asking.
That’s the type of behavior from pit bulls that raises my spirits that one day, the tide will turn and people will begin seeing that pit bulls can be fantastic pets.
Kudos to this group for giving this attractive fellow, Sy, a second chance to be that pet for somebody.
Perhaps you want to give one of them a home?
Check out the video below for Sy, or click on Rags name to see his adoption video.

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  1. Karen,

    Again, you hit the nail on the head perfectly. Thanks for bringing to light the calm and mellow nature of some big dogs. It's a nice reminder that the "general impression" that others have is wrong.