Monday, June 15, 2009

What kind of dog person are you?

I’m a big dog person. Little dogs just aren’t my cup of tea.
I like to have a dog I can lean on, a dog I can hug with both my arms, rather than just two hands.
And the sound of a little dog yipping is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears.
I much prefer the louder, deeper bark of a big dog.
I don’t want a dog that I feel inclined to pick up. I don’t think it’s healthy or natural for dogs to be carried around.
If I wanted to carry something around, I’d get an Iguana or maybe have a kid.
And I certainly don’t want a dog that I can seriously injure if I step on it.
Or a dog that trips me up, winding around my feet.
Sensi might be 90 pounds, but he is a short and compact 90 pounds. To me, he’s a medium sized dog — albeit a very strong medium sized dog.
I’d love to own a really big dog, like a Bullmastiff or maybe a Great Dane.
I have lots of reasons for why I’ll never own a small dog, but that’s not to say small dogs can’t be cool.
Two of Sensi’s favorite play pals are tiny little dogs — a pomeranian and a jack russell mix.
And I have definitely grown fond of these little guys. The jack russell has the spirit of a lion, and the pomeranian runs the show.
One thing is for sure, though, no matter the size of the dog, dogs are dogs.
They view each other the same — big, small or medium, amongst themselves, they are just dogs.
We are the ones who treat dogs differently according to their size.
Our small dogs we baby and coddle. We act like they don’t have four legs that are good for walking. We swoop them up in our arms and away from anything that we feel might be dangerous, even something as simple as an approaching dog.
We think the little dogs that come prepackaged with some aggression — like Chihuahuas — are cute, and we encourage the nasty behaviors.
Although I’d never own a little dog, I certainly am capable of liking little dogs.
Unfortunately, a bulk of little dog owners are out there making their little dogs totally unlikable.
Tomorrow, I’ll discuss in more detail the behavioral issues common in little dogs because of their owners’ bad habits and misconceptions.

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