Monday, June 1, 2009

Rescue me

Last week, I blogged about proper puppy shopping if your heart is set on getting a purebred dog.
But there’s so many shelter dogs out there in need of homes too.
In these tough economic times, our four-legged friends are suffering right alongside us.
I’ve written a lot about foreclosures, and one common thread are people and their pets. So many people, forced out of their homes, drag their teary-eyed selves to the local pound and drop off the beloved, four-legged family member. Now forced to become renters, dog owners are also being forced to get rid of their pets in exchange for a rented roof over their head.
More pets need homes now than ever, which is why The Oakland Press started a video series called Rescue Me, featuring local pets available for adoption.
I’m hosting the series, and while I couldn’t be prouder to do it, I’ll have to ask the viewers to cut me a break until I get used to being in front of the camera ... after all, I trained to be a print journalist in order to hide from cameras!
The series first started airing last week. So far, one of the dogs — a little beagle mix — has already found her forever home.
But four other dogs are still in need.
There’s Rags — the huge and beautifully marked Akita. For a big dog lover like myself, I had a hard time letting him walk out of the studio. He’s gorgeous, and I was very impressed with his calm demeanor.
If you can give Rags a good forever home, please do. The poor thing has been waiting for almost two and a half years now.
Jasper is also available. This guy is a little terrier — a Cairn Terrier mix, they think — and he’s about as cute as they come. He’s shaggy, black and white, and full of all that terrier energy, said the folks at the rescue league.
A special needs dog, Brea, a beagle mix, is also up for adoption. Poor thing came to the shelter with an old injury to her hip. She had surgery, and she’s been recovering for many months now. The group said she needs a calm home where she can take it easy.
Lastly, there’s Addison. The group called her a chocolate lab, but after taking a good look at her and checking my dog encyclopedia at home, I think she’s a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Her coat is lighter and wiry on top, the signature of the Chesapeake. These dogs are similar to labs, and fans of retrievers often covet this breed.
The group believes Addison may have spent her life being bred — which, because she is well-formed by breed standards, is probably a good guess. She’s scared of tile floors. They think it’s because she spent most her life in a cage, having puppies. But she’s well tempered and very sweet. This momma dog deserves a little TLC and a loving home.
All these dogs have already had their second chance. The K-9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford, where these dogs are at, picks up dogs from kill-lists at other shelters, sometimes just in the nick of time to save them from euthansia. The league itself has a no-kill policy.
Check out the video of these dogs by clicking on their names in the text of this blog.
The photo below is of Rags. Isn't he adorable?


  1. I hope Rags finds a home. Actually, I hope they all do, but especially Rags.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot, here are the links to

  3. This is an excellent post! I'm enjoying seeing you on the Rescue Me pieces, too :)

  4. Another shelter that is moving towards No-Kill by 2010 is the Oakland County Pet Adoption Center, which serves Oakland County as one of the largest animal shelters. They take in almost 10,000 animals a year and need help to find loving homes for all of them!