Thursday, June 18, 2009

He pulled the porch off

Brent and I have been known to refer to Sensi as, “the old bull.”
He may be aging and graying, but he still packs the same amount of power as he always has.
If you haven’t read Even good dogs have bad moments, I suggest clicking on that and giving it a quick read-through before continuing with this post.
Sensi had another bad moment this morning.
Years ago, we were in a canoe on a friend’s pond in their backyard. Sensi was on a chain that was securely hooked into the deck on the back of the house. He wanted to be in the pond with us. So, he got a running start and he pulled that chain right off the deck — including the board that was holding it on. Then he swam into the pond, the chain and piece of wood floating behind him.
So you see, the dog has learned that pulling does pay off. Why? Because he has had those experiences where a good strong running start and a lot of determination has worked for him.
Much to my chagrin.
This morning, I opened the door to let him out, kneeling down to grab the chain and hook it on to his collar.
Let me stop here and add an important piece of information. The chain is connected to a supporting beam that holds up the roof over the porch. There is a short railing attached to the beam.
Before I let him go in the yard, I scanned for any critters.
There was a squirrel in our direct line of sight, though vastly out of reach of the chain. Knowing he would bolt toward it, I held on to the chain and walked him off the porch and on to the grass.
The squirrel disappeared at the sight of us — or so I thought — and Sensi was sniffing the ground.
I turned to go inside and just after closing the door behind me, I turned around in time to watch Sensi bolt. Presumably, the squirrel reappeared.
He ran full force toward it, and with a horrible cracking sound, the beam got broken where it connects with the roof and the whole package — beam and the railing — came flying off the porch.
Like salt in an open wound, I watched it crash down and knock the face clear off of a little dog statue my mom gave me.
The noise of the beam cracking and breaking was enough to scare Sensi and stop him dead in his tracks. As he slinked back toward me, all I could say is, “Bad dog. Oh my God, you are such a bad dog.”
I said it a few more times, grabbed the beam and railing and propped it up against the house and walked back inside, astonished.
I can’t believe he pulled the porch off.
I am so mad.
If my husband hasn't fixed the porch by the time I get home, I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow.


  1. Oh my Karen...I know that moment of total disbelief and utter bewilderment. Eventually you will laugh at this...eventually. Until then, may I suggest concrete? Maybe something in the three metric tons category?

    I feel your

  2. Thanks Nic. Concrete and steel are definitely options on the table for us!