Friday, June 19, 2009

Porch update

The porch is fixed — my husband took care of it before I got home so I have no pictures to post today.
That’s OK.
I’d rather have a porch than pictures of a broken one. I’m sure you’ll all understand.
Sensi is not thrilled with his outdoor gear, however.
To temporarily fix the problem, he is wearing his Halti (see my blog, The wonderful magical Halti) every time he goes on the chain.
Sensi normally associates the Halti with walks, so he was rather excited last night when I brought it out of the closet.
Once he realized he was just going outside for a potty break, however, he seemed rather disappointed.
But he did not pull. He cannot pull when he wears the Halti.
For the time being, this fix will work.
In the future, Brent and I do plan on putting up a fence. However, we have a lot of work to do to the yard before we can put one up. The yard needs a substantial amount of fill dirt, retaining walls and more. It wouldn’t make sense to construct a fence beforehand.
Some co-workers of mine came up with another good fix — install a steel pole in a concrete base with a swivel-top and hook a heavy-duty chain to that.
Though I’m not sure how much I love the idea of heavy chains. I always describe Sensi’s chain as a chain, but it is not actually a standard chain-link chain.
It’s a cable, rated for 300 pounds. It’s always served us well.
The other idea is to build a zipline, which we’ve done at previous places. They usually last a couple of years before one side of the zipline works its way out of whatever it’s attached to. I’m not sure if I want another zipline.
Invisible fences are out of the question for Sensi. He is too strong, feels too little pain, and has too much will for us to trust an invisible fence will keep him contained.
Suggestions are always welcome, so if you’ve got one, leave it here — thanks.

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