Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frog dog & hip health

Think it looks goofy and kind of cute when your dog stretches his legs out behind him?
This is what Brent and I have affectionately referred to as “frog dog.”
Well, it’s more than just goofy and kind of cute — it’s good news about your dog’s hip health.
At least I think it is.
I’m sure I’ve blogged before about the neighbors I had while growing up, a couple of career professionals who decided to have a pair Golden Retrievers rather than children.
The older dog was always stretching out into “frog dog” position, but the younger female never did. After I, the dogsitter, commented on it once, the woman passed along a little information from her veterinarian that has never been lost on me.
She said the vet told her that a dog who can easily get into the “frog dog” position is less likely to have hip dysplasia. If a dog doesn’t do this, it’s often a sign that there’s hip problems in the works.
Sensi loves to stretch out like this. In fact, nearly every time he lays down he stretches out, toe-to-toe.
Though I admit, he has had some encouragement from Brent and I.
We’ve always found “frog dog” to be rather endearing, and when he stretches out like that, we’re usually on hand to rub his back and sides. He loves to be pet while he stretches.
It’s to the point now that I’m pretty sure he stretches out on purpose, seeking some attention from us.
That’s fine by us. It’s not hurting anything.
So, the next time your dog stretches out in the “frog dog” way, don’t smile at him just because it’s cute, smile at him because it’s a sign of good hip health too!

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